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Gaenovium 2014 blog round-up

The Gaenovium 2014 conference has been  covered on other blogs, and we’ve collected the links for your convenience. The blogs referenced here are in Dutch, German and English.
Updated 24 & 25 October 2014 with a few additional links.

Denie Kasan, the Dutch representative of MyHeritage, our main sponsor, accompanied MyHeritage Chief Architect Ran Peled to the conference and posted a write-up on the Dutch MyHeritage blog: Gaenovium – waar technologie en genealogy samenkomen (Dutch).

The Nederlandse Genealogische Vereniging (NGV, Dutch Genealogy Society) posted a news item on their website: Gaenovium: innovatie in genealogie (Dutch).

The German Verein für Computergenealogie e.V. (CompGen, Computer Genealogy Society of Germany) posted about Gaenovium in their 2014 October newsletter: Computergenealogie/2014/10: CompGen in Leiden/NL (German).
Timo Kracke discussed Gaenovium in his 25 Oct 2014 podcast: Der Genealoge: Podcast #25 Archion – Das Kirchenbuchportal, Rückblick zu Gaenovium & Famillement (German).

Louis Kessler flew in from Canada to present Reading Wrong GEDCOM Right, and did two blog posts on his Behold blog: #Gaenovium and #Famillement in Tweets and Gaenovium Final Thoughts.

Sue Adams discussed the conference in Mondays with Myrt – 13 Oct 2014  (10:00 – 18:55) and posted an account of the event on her Family Folklore blog: Gaenovium – Keys to Open Data and Open Standards.
She later followed up with Dutch October, which links to Going Dutch, starting with Civil Registration on the World-Wide Genealogy blog, an introduction to Dutch Civil Registration.

Even non-attendees covered the conference.  Elizabeth Lapointe posted on her Genealogy Canada blog twice in July, well before the conference, Gaenovium: A new kind of conference,
and posted again after the conference: Gaenovium Conference Updates.