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Food and Drinks

Gaenovium 2014 participants will not be nickeled and dimed for every drink or meal. Coffee, tea, lunch and diner are all included in the registration fee.

coffee, tea

We are developers ourselves, so we know how important a good cup of coffee is.
Coffee and tea will be provided by Koffietheek, importer of fine coffees and teas. We will not be serving Kopi Luwak, but you will get quality coffee, and you can drink as much as you like. Early arrivals will enjoy a bonbon with their coffee.
There will also be a small selection of sodas.


Lunch will be catered by local sandwich shop Drs. A. Sandwiches is all they do, and around noon, their little shop is really busy. They’ll deliver two of their deluxe sandwiches for everyone, and they’ll probably do so in their distinctive bright yellow powered cargo bike.

Drs. A sandwich shop

Dr. A sandwich shop, their yellow cargo bike parked in front.


We do not send you home hungry. We’ll have a closing diner together.
We’ll walk about a hundred metres to Asian Palace, run by chef S. M. Hu, winner of many international rewards. It is close to the Pavilion, and we included them on Gaenovium’s Google map, so it is almost impossible to get lost, but if you, look for two lions guarding the entrance. The restaurant will serve a selection of gourmet dishes from their extensive Chinese cuisine.

Asian Palace Lions

Lions in front of Asian Palace.