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How to pronounce Gaenovium

People have been asking us how to pronounce Gaenovium.
Gaenovium consists just four short syllables: Gae-no-vi-um. That isn’t much, and none of these syllables is hard to pronounce. The question people are really asking is how to pronounce the ae in Gaenovium, and that’s a good question.

English pronunciation is infamously inconsistent, the ae in aerosol isn’t pronounced the same way as the ae in caesium or the ae in antennae.
Some words have more than one accepted pronunciation, and those who grew up using the American dialect of English may pronounce the same word yet differently.
Those issues didn’t make finding examples that unambiguously communicate the correct pronunciation any easier, but we did it.

The ae in Gaenovium is not pronounced like the ae in aerial or the ae in reggae, but like the ae in maestro and vitae.

We’ve updated the FAQ.